hypnobirthing with Julie


Hypnobirthing is a natural, gentle, and positive way to welcome your baby into this world. When it comes to giving birth, we often hear the traumatic stories passed onto us by family members and friends, or we watch movies showing women screaming in agony. This has created fear and anxiety in women, which makes it only harder for our bodies to do what is designed to do. This is where hypnobirthing can make the difference.

It is not new! The philosophies and techniques we use to prepare for and go through labour have been around for ages. Hypnobirthing is a perfect combination of ancient wisdom and modern theory, giving you and your partner the tools and knowledge to approach the birth of your little one in the best way possible. You will feel empowered, supported and calm. Hypnobirthing helps you to trust your body completely before and during labour. When mind and body learn to be fully relaxed in the months before birth, your body will automatically know what to do by the time your baby is ready to meet you. Your body won’t fight the natural process of birth because your mindset is calm; you feel safe. This allows the release of all these beautiful hormones (endorphins, oxytocin) that make all the difference. It helps you navigate through intense sensations with more ease. Throughout the experience, your partner will know how to support you best, what to say, what to do. Most importantly: you will feel good about your birth story, because everything you do or decide is in your own control. You decide what makes it positive. That is what hypnobirthing is about!

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is the most modern, comprehensive, and accepted hypnobirthing course in this country, which I am happy to offer to expectant mums and their partners in our local community.

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